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OnStar Is Here to Assist Brandenburg Chevy Drivers

OnStar GPS Navigation

The partnership between GM and OnStar services has been a compelling reason to explore any GM vehicle when it’s time for a new car. It’s a great way to make sure you’re never alone on the road- that the days of being stranded after a flat tire or getting lost in strange places are over. At our Brandenburg area Chevrolet dealer, our vehicles are equipped with OnStar and our customers are reliably thrilled with the services it offers.

An Easy Fit for Your Lifestyle

Though it’s most well-known for its connectivity to emergency services, there’s a lot more to OnStar than that! Brandenburg drivers will find that their Chevrolet’s OnStar feature can provide them with turn-by-turn navigation, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection, and diagnostics to keep track of the wellness of your late-model vehicle.

One feature that has become wildly popular for OnStar is the RemoteLink mobile app. It’s a truly ingenious integration method that unites your phone and your vehicle. You can use the app to start your car remotely, manage the settings on your 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, lock or unlock your doors, and much more. It’s just one way that OnStar aims to be at the top of its game for car owners.

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OnStar is At the Ready

OnStar is an invaluable service for a range of things, but emergencies are where it really shines. OnStar is connected to sensors built into your vehicle and the program can detect when you have been in a collision. OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response will alert an available OnStar advisor, who will contact you through your vehicle to see if you need help- all without a need to lift a finger.

If you’re on the road and encounter the need for emergency services, just push the emergency red button. You will be connected to an OnStar Advisor who can direct emergency services to your exact location and help you assess and assist the situation until they arrive.

OnStar is a trailblazing system and one more way that Chevrolet looks out for you. Contact our dealership for more information about OnStar and see what we can do for you!

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