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Why Is Tire Care So Important?

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Taking care of your car year-round is always important, but we want to stress car care right now since April is National Car Care Month. This month, our Brandenburg area Chevy service center will be promoting the importance of routine maintenance, and especially how vital vital it is to take care of your tires.

“April is the perfect time for car owners to take their vehicles in for servicing,” said The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) President Tim Zilke. “You can undo the wear-and-tear of winter driving while getting the family car ready for the summer months ahead.”

With winter transitioning into spring, there are many ways drivers can prepare for the season ahead. Not only has the rough winter weather worn down the tires on your vehicle, but it is also important to make sure your tires have enough grip and control with the slick and wet spring road conditions on their way.

Brandenburg Area Chevy Shoppers Can Avoid Tire Trouble

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Below are just a few ways to ensure that your tires are in great shape before you hit the road:

    1. Inspect your tires: When inside your car, it may be tough to notice any problems your tires may have. Be sure to inspect your tires for wear and/or any damage regularly.
    2. Check tire pressure: Incorrect tire pressure can not only decrease fuel efficiency, but it can also put you and many others in danger. Check your tire pressure monthly and before any long trips.
    3. Don’t overwork your tires: Be sure to respect the load capacity relative to the tire’s load index. If the tires’ load capacity is exceeded, your tires may experience a sudden blowout.

Not only will our Chevy service center be able to help you with all of your tire needs, but we’ll also be able to do it for a great price. Brandenburg area shoppers can save some money thanks to our Chevy tire specials. Our trained and knowledgeable technicians will be sure to help you find the right tires for your vehicle, and get you on the road with a great set pair of tires.

Don’t take your worn down tires for a spin. Stop by our service department and feel at ease knowing your tires are in great shape when you hit the streets. Contact John Jones of Corydon by calling our service center at (888) 528-3517 to schedule an appointment, or click the button below.

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